Read through our FAQ section to learn more about our process, natural stones we offer, and more.

Why should I pick natural stone over an alternative?

Natural stone is one-of-a-kind since it is made by nature. You are choosing the elegance and sophistication of an outstanding material that will last a lifetime when you choose natural stone.

What factors should I consider before selecting a natural stone?

Each stone has its own unique traits and peculiarities that add to its beauty and charm. We will assist you in selecting a material that is appropriate for your lifestyle and intended use. Visit us today to explore your project’s options.

How do I protect natural stone?

Because all natural stones are absorbent to varying degrees, they should be coated with a sealant. We would be delighted to make a recommendation for you.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a natural stone countertop?

The pros of a natural stone countertop are endless!

Unique: Because each stone is unique, the design and colour you choose will be one of a kind.

Durable: Natural stone, unlike laminate, wood, or solid surfacing, is heat resistant.

Seamless: Stone slabs give a smooth surface without the crumb-catching grout lines that ceramic tile tops are known for.

Low maintenance and repairable: A stone restorer may be able to repair cracks, chips, and scratches on-site. Spills can simply be wiped up as they happen. Stone, unlike butcher block or the chipboard substrate of a laminate, is impervious to water.

The cons of natural stone countertops are the price and cost of the natural stone. You also will need a professional installation crew. The natural stone can be brittle if not supported properly. Bernardo Group Ltd. can help install your new natural stone countertop correctly.

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